November 30, 2005

Horse 449 - Mad Ferret

When Oasis come to town in Australia, very very few people actually know about it. Their latest album made it to No.5 in Australia and there've been 3 singles all of which have gone multi-platinum in the UK but because of a falling out with Sony/BMG, they don't get airplay in Australia. Having said that, all shows in Australia sold out in just 4 minutes; I was lucky to get two tickets.

This is a band who still show that they know what it's like to be "the biggest band in the world", an Oasis concert is more like a football crowd with very loyal fans who in a lot of cases have every record disc despite not being released in that country. With such songs as Lyla and (What's the Story?) Morning Glory the 10,000 strong crowd was as equally as loud as the band, and I think it perhaps still surprises them.
The performance of Wonderwall was dedicated to the "Australian Rugby who is going through a rough time at the moment, and to Australian Football which had finally woken up".

What I find surprising is the amount of talent that Zak Starkey has behind a drumkit. Grant that he was in The Who for nearly 10 years but his flourishes and rolls are something which his dad would have found difficult. Also, he must find My Generation to be a bit dull by now having played it in The Who and now as the standard closing number for Oasis.

After seeing Green Day and Coldplay and now Oasis in a calendar year, Oasis make Green Day look like a bunch of American Idiots and with Coldplay's record - X & Why?
Don't Believe the Truth... go on, miss out on the 55 minutes of noise and confusion, I dare you.

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