December 08, 2005

Horse 455 - Don't Ask the Question

I was around at B's for his 35th last night for dinner with a dozen people in the lounge room. It was quite a surreal experience to be sitting on a lounge suite with a full dining table in front of you; added to this was the fact the the table was so much higher than the lounge, so it was like being 6 years old again.

Among the guests was B's dad who is quite a card I must say. One of the most dastardly questions was asked, one that should never be posed by parents; I don't know if they do it through concern or because they like to stir but the question is this: "When are you going to get married and give me some grandchildren?"

Invariably I myself have been asked this by my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends etc (change variants where required) and I for one find this annoying.

Now for the crux: It's my fault!

Usually you'd go "Aw, that's horrible you shouldn't beat yourself up like that" but it's true. I'm not really looking for a prospective partner as I can think of more productive ways to use my time: namely in ministry, going to bible studies, watching football, education etc and secondly (and this is most blaise) is that whatever God intends will come to pass. That's not to say you can just sit back and wait but by the same token, my future is held is stronger and more secure hands than my own.

Also there is the secondary argument that I'm really quite different from everyone else I know. People often tell me this and I believe them because it's true. There is no-one who's had the bizarre range of experiences I've had and no-one who sees the world even remotely like I do.

If "the one" exists, she'd either be a very strange or a very very tolerant lady. Either way I'd either feel sorry or excited for her to some degree and if I have or haven't already met her then I don't see the circumstances yet but in hindsight it will be obvious.


Jules said...

everyone who's had anything to do with u ever will realise how different u r

the difference is both cute, sweet, annoying, happy, melancholy, loyal, mad, passionate, aloof... all rolled into one

I don't know why God made U, but thank him he did.

Rollo said...

...says a Married woman.
It can't be you can it?

Jeffrey is a lot bigger than I am. He defend his honour - avast ye scurvy sea dogs!

Katja said...

All I can say to this is:


You better watch it pal. I don't waste my time and energy on pointless activities.