December 15, 2005

Horse 460 - Answering Machines

In our increasingly busy lives we often encounter automated answering machines, by a myriad of push buttons and prompts we may end up speaking to an operator in a country not our own. What of the home answering machine?

There are no buttons to speak of and generally you're asked to leave a name and number after the beep. In certain examples when this is not necessarily a good idea I like to leave message anyway with details as to what to do next. What happens if you've made a hash of it?

I made a right royal pillocky git of myself this afternoon. Not in part caused by the fact the answering machine I left a message on was in a different time zone but also because as I made the phone call from a work phone (via a private calling card - local charge connect) then to call that number back wouldn't exactly achieve the results. On top of that, I'm not even entirely sure that the message made sense.

Aw well, they'll get a nice message from me... sounding like a nervous git ^_^

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