December 22, 2005

Horse 464 - School's Out For Summer, School's Out Forever

I love the school holidays. Obviously I finished school nearly 10 years ago but that still doesn't change the fact. When all of the little dears and malchicks have gone home for the year an amazing transformation happens to Sydney's roads.

Instantly great open areas of free space begin to appear and traffic begins to move freely. Al Parady in Skytracker 7 and Sando with his Cage updates run out of things to report (though interestingly Skytracker 7 has an obsession with the M4 & M5).

At work, parking spots within a couple of hundred feet suddenly free up and hoardes of mothers driving XC90's, Cayennes and Range Rovers with the biggest sets of bull-bars the world has ever seen (children and strollers are dangerous things that need to be held at bay while mothers who've never driven anything bigger than a Corolla before tear around the district whilst on their mobiles, smoking and fixing their lipstick) magically disappear.

Within the schoolyard there are no shrieks, no yelling and no crying because a bunch of mean girls were bullying someone else into an eating disorder - though to be fair, the boys aren't flushing each others heads or beating up Billy-No-Mates for his lunch money. The girls at Mosman High who wait for me to walk by aren't calling out "Sexy Hair" to me at the moment either.

Goodwill toward men and peace on earth. Definately peace... so much serenity.

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