December 31, 2005

Horse 468 - Cat 5

A cat is a nocturnal killing machine through careful processes of breeding and selection by humans have been bred to ignore and sponge off of their human benefactors.

It has been said that cats don't have masters but staff. I don't belive this to be true, for one doesn't have to wait as an attendant on a cat; if you actually did they'd walk off as though they didn't care anyway.

It must be a difficult life sleeping 17, 18, 19 hours a day, moving for the occasional yawn and crick. When they do move, they'll see you a source to be fed from and as a door operator.
People talk of the added asthetic benefits of companionship. I for one don't know how true this is if they move to the other side of the room and perch in front of a window staring at the sky - what is so exciting about the sky anyway?

Perhaps other people's cats have a nicer and friendlier temprement than ours. Previous cats we've had will curl up on you or sit in the middle of the newspaper, sometimes sleeping on top of the television set but our current one?

You could argue that maybe the nasty ones have been mistreated or hurt and that's why they're so aloof, but ours has been cared for, groomed and given an easy life... maybe our cat is just plain... catty.

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