January 11, 2007

Horse 700 - But It Was Always The Same... Ikky Poo!

I spent a bit of time thinking about this post because I realised that the first words of this would have to be quite profound, so here goes...

Welcome to Horse 700

Here's another profundity... I hate pretzels. Not the pretzels in the packet that are prone to making George Costanza thirsty but the ones that come from major shopping centres and the little booths therein.

Thanks to "I've Turned Up A Day Early From Holidays Because It Wasn't Written In The Diary Day" Day, I suddenly found that at 9:01am I had a whole extra day of holidays. So I took the opportunity to visit the Macquarie Centre in the hope of finding a new pair of Air Force Ones owing to the fact that the last pair I had got ruined by fatal death.

The Macquarie Centre is a dead confusing place. Rather than have actual floors, it spirals around a central set of shops such that if you walk around 4 corners, you're precisely one level above or below where you were. I found that as I was up the Myer/Borders end of the centre, that there was a distinctly foul, horrid & unsalubrious eminating from that end.

The business which calls itself Pretzel World I'm quite sure engages in adequate OH&S practices and all Dept of Health regulations but it still doesn't change the fact that their unappetizing smell, is very akin to spew. I'm not keen on eating something from which hordes of vomitaciousness undead olfactory zombies attack every portion of my nasal passages.

This is not all that uncommon. Across the road from UTS is the Carlton & United Brewery, which every afternoon would consistently throw millions of stinkoid particles into the air. I remember being in a History of Economic Thought class when an invisible zone of pustulent paranormal poo-smelling particles paraded through our priory of learning and the class was abandoned for 20 minutes.

Pretzel World, I can't handle this,
Your smells are too stinkalicious for me babe... YUK!!!

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