January 28, 2007

Horse 710 - Two Pints & A Wimmen, Please!

I was reading through the great and powerful London Times when I stumbled upon this article.

Lonely Welsh people in a last ditch effort to snag themselves a lady friend have taken to getting their mugshots on cartons of milk. Isolated young farmers in Wales are finding it so hard to meet anyone new that they are looking for love by putting their photographs on the side of milk cartoons. The inference is that with the long hours and the nature of being out in the middle of nowhere, that many farmers struggle to enjoy any social life at all, let alone find a partner.

Quite famously, the side of milk cartons was once reserved for the faces of missing persons. This if anything could tell people where those missing persons happen to be... farming in Wales. I had an interesting thought though - Does the kind of milk carton that one gets their face on indicate what sort of lady they are looking for?

Skim Milk - Looking for a skinny young wench
Full Fat - Looking for a sturdier lass
UHT - Looking for one with no taste?

It does make you wonder about the Welsh though, I thought that they were all content with their woolly friends.

and yes, I failed to get through an article about Wales without making a sheep joke

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