January 16, 2007

Horse 704 - Give It A Name!

I cast my mind back to Year 9 History class for this. We had a scary teacher called Mr Menkes who walked around the classroom with a big metal sword that someone in a metalwork class made. The word association game was some sort of ice breaker I guess and I was sitting next to a very heavily built lad (who eventually played as the Lock in the Rugby team) who had a face that looked like a dropped pie, and a brain with about as much sense as tieing a Magen David and a pork chop to the back of a motorbike and riding through Tehran.

The following responses stand out like spires in the smog:

The Word is EAT
What do you mean Joe's?
Eat at Joe's?
I can see that this is going to be a difficult year Rollason.
And you Park?

I've got you pegged as well.

The Word is CAMEL
Lotus? How do you put Camel with Lotus, oh very funny.
(Camel cigarettes were the main sponsor of the Lotus F1 team at the time)
Park? Why do I even bother?
Ice Cream
The word was Camel, Park; not Eat.
Yeah, but if I was on a camel, I'd be hot.

The Word is AMERICA
Apart from 2 girls who both said Disneyland in this row, the other 14 so far have all said Baseball. I shudder to think at what you two come up with. Go on, if we must.
Vespucci. America was named after Amerigo Vespucci. They changed it to a female name because all of the continents have female names.
I don't know what to say actually. That's really quite intelligent.

The only thing I could think of was going through the desert on a horse with no name.
Oh dear.
You'd think that if you were in the desert with nothing else to do you'd at least give the horse a name!

Is there a point to this story? Probably not. So why tell it? Because this whole post was based on a word association of it's own. When I sat poised at the keyboard wondering what to do about this issue of Horse, that little episode of half of my lifetime ago came back.

Can you just imagine Race 6 at Flemington on the first Tuesday in November?
As they approach the 3000m mark it's Darren Beadman by 12 lengths on... sorry, but we don't have a name listed for this horse.

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