January 19, 2007

Horse 707 - Never A Frown With...

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer (which I think is a far nicer title than our Treasurer) Gordon Brown, is currently in India on an official tour in what is expected to be something of of a test, because it is likely that after the next General Election it his he who will be Prime Minister of Her Majesty's United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Political Observers on Fleet St say the chancellor's three-day visit is an attempt to move beyond fiscal policy and strengthen his international credentials but this trip it must be said has been something of a political nightmare what with the racism scandal currently rocking the UK as a result of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4.
Speaking in the city of Bangalore on his first official trip to the country, Britain's prime minister in waiting talked of a "new world order" (which I find somewhat worrying).

I must admit that whilst listening to the radio last night, I went from Radio 4's news to Radio 1 with Jo Whiley and she was playing the song Golden Brown by The Stranglers. Perhaps my mind by that stage was being warped by lack of sleep, but I couldn't help but think that their song fitted perfectly in the current climate, albeit with a few minor alterations as below.

Gordon Brown texture like sun,
With the Right off Tony Blair runs,
Try as he might,
Can't stand and fight
Always a frown on Gordon Brown

'97 is in the past,
Blair's still here,
But he'll never last,
Dubyah's demands,
Tie Tony's hands,
Fat man with frown is Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown settled for less,
Through the years his plan's going west,
Campbell must pay,
Screws the UK ,
Naught but a frown from Gordon Brown


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