October 19, 2007

Horse 817 - Need I Say More

Sometimes you find little snippets on the web that are even more hillarious than I could dream up.

I found this gem from the island of Scilly, which itself is a silly name for an island:

St Mary's air traffic controllers recently voted to strike after a peer review and job appraisal supported by their union the TGWU (Transport and General Workers Union).

The formal vote was declared unanimous in favour of a strike; it didn't take long to count the votes - there were two abstaintions and one vote for a strike. Fortunately the government's Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) and the TGWU flew into Scilly for talk with the council, whihc ended in an agreement with the three men to halt industrial action and chaos was averted.
I should point out that Scilly has a total area of just 16km² and a population of 2100... chaos indeed.

Or how about this from the Daily Mail:
A mother who enlisted the services of TV's Supernanny to control her unruly sons was left homeless yesterday after one of them apparently set the house ablaze. Channel 4 childcare guru Jo Frost spent two weeks with the Young family, advising them to use rewards to encourage good behaviour and make the five boys sit on 'naughty stools' when they misbehaved.

However her strict influence failed to last long enough to prevent the youngest, three-year-old Joel, being blamed for starting a blaze in the living room, apparently with a kitchen cooker lighter.

His mother Susan, who is understood to have separated from her husband Paul over the summer, tried to put out the flames but was forced back by the smoke. No one was injured but Mrs Young, 40, was given oxygen after inhaling fumes. Firemen spent 30 minutes dousing the flames but the interior of the house was covered in a thick, black layer of soot leaving it uninhabitable.

A spokesman for Essex Fire Service said: "Someone is certainly going to be sitting on the naughty step for quite some time."

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