October 23, 2007

Horse 819 - The Monetary Value of People

Does anyone else find this utterly scandalous?

I have just read the following on the BBC and CNN and come to the conclusion that Mr Bush is personally the most downright despicable president in the past 60 years.

The Bush administration on Monday asked Congress for nearly $46 billion in additional war spending for 2008; cynically calling on Congress to approve the money before adjourning for the holidays. Most of the $45.9 billion request is for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing the expected cost of those "conflicts" to more than $192 billion for the budget year that began this month.


Compare this with a veto of a $60 billion children's health care bill that had bi-partisan support and would have been paid for by an increase in cigarette taxes: both of which not only reflect "the will of Congress" but is quite a sensible idea. A veto of legislation actually openly admits, that the President personally disapproves legislation, yet somehow Bush called the bill too "expensive" and a step toward government-provided health care.

What price does he put on people's lives? Obviously $60 billion is too much, but killing foreigners is worth at least three times more in monetary terms.


"The focus of the government ought to be to help poor children and to focus on poor children. And the policies of the government ought to be to help people find private insurance, not federal coverage." - George Bush, October 3

What the heck? This is America, "land of the free and the home of the brave (?)"... but where if sick people aren't covered by private insurance then their government actually openly supports they they fend for themselves. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is FREE to everyone; irrespective of whether you live there or not. Basic health care is something which even Third World countries have figured out is a good idea. If you go on holidays to the US then you'd better make sure you have private health cover because as a foreigner, you don't matter at all.

I honestly can't think any less of the President. The man if he does this amounts to scum; the sooner he is removed or his tenure is finished the better.

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