October 24, 2007

Horse 820 - I Smell Super

I think I'm a little queezy this morning. First of all I'm having a distinct problem with my shampoo. Now before you all go "ah look, he's going all Metro underneath our very eyes, isn't that sweet?", the problem I have isn't because my "product" isn't working but because of it's all new fruit smell. The thing is, that just like the Xylene in Artline 19 pens that will cause cancer and are a chromer's delight, my head now smells oh so wonderful. I could peel a grape.

The second thing on this extravaganza is my white shirts. Steve put some Fabric Softener in with the load of whites we did earlier in the week and now my white shirts smell of Fabric Softenery goodness.

Overall the big problem is that I smell wonderful but I'm sure that it must be causing cancer or something. I'm worried about the Police driving down Military Rd this afternoon and throwing me in the back of a Divvy Van because surely it's a crime to smell this fantastic.

Ah, don't worry Space Cadets, this trail of olfactory wonderment has to come to an end. Everything will wear off by the time I get home and invariably; inevitably and inexcuseably, someone within the house will supply some of their own Home-Made Boom-Tish which will burn out peoples eyes and induce explusion of tears like the arrival of the Indian-Pacific from Broken Hill.

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