December 02, 2004

Horse 245 - Student Loans

Do you need cash in hurry? Do you have a Bad Credit rating? or No credit rating? Then look no longer, Robbie Marshall of Year 2 loans can help.

Whether you're looking for lunch money, coins for the arcade machine after school, protection money so that Big Danny in Year 6 doesn't beat you up, Robbie Marshall can give you the money you need at an affordable rate*. Your loan can start at as little as 10c and be as big as a massive $5.00, all you need is weekly pocket money and unlike smelly Johnny Ferris in Year 3, Robbie won't ask to be your friend after.

With over $12 under management and his own bike, Robbie Marshall can even come to your door, it's that simple! Why not try Robbie Marshall of Year 2 loans today, he's still in that same great location of under the big tree behind the canteen.

*APR of $1/week. Failure to pay within 2 weeks will result in the loan being referred to Big Danny in Year 6 or may result in Robbie dobbing on you to the Principal Mr Tomkins. Eucalyptus lollies will no longer be accepted forms of payment.

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