December 30, 2004

Horse 265 - My Problems Don't Matter

89,000 people and rising lost their lives when a wall of water hit loats of places all over the Indian Ocean. Whilst I have literally no idea of the extent of the damage in reality nor a real grasp of what is actually being done to help, I can tell you that no matter what is done it will never be called enough.

With $20bn of damage done and the risk of even more people dying through risk os simple diseases due to lack of clean water, I feel rather grateful that I will have a home to go back to on New Years Day. A great deal of people have lost literally everything except their life itself and I hope that my rather pathetic cheque to an aid agency goes a sliver of the way to helping someone.

I won't claim to report any of the politics as I simply have no idea of what is going on than other what I can blag from the morning's papers.

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Anonymous said...

No, your problems don't matter and neither do you. You have no idea of the terrible horror that these people go through.