December 22, 2004

Horse 261 - Mozilla, Quirky Goodness

After switching from Microsoft Explorer (the browser from Dante's Tenth Circle) to Mozilla, I started to discover lots and lots of little things that were quirky and yet superior. Like the fact that all of the horrid pop-ups had started not do... do that thing which they designed to do... pop up (that went badly, save it somehow Andrew).

One thing I noticed right away was the little phenom of the logos that appear in the title bar. Try it yourself if you have it. Like a little B at or as in the Radio 1 website where the little 1 logo appears in the search bar. Even now as I type this I see the B for blogger logo above.

Having said that, Jo Whiley may annoy six bells out of me but her voice and now the little 1 logo iin the title bar will mean that I switch from Radio 1 to Radio 2... if and when they stop playing that song. Do they know it's Christmas? I do and I'm not happy about it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You think that Whiley has a sexy voice? That may be true but she's as still as annoying as all ****