January 03, 2006

Horse 471 - Breaking Stuff

The days of the 21" monitor have come to and end, now my somewhat put of date computer will have to bear the indignity of a 17" monitor. Having a new monitor is good thing I suppose as now I can actually see some more stuff beyond the black, but I do notice the diminished 4".

My old 21" monitor weighed something comparable to a leviathan, to to move it from atop my amplifier to the Ka took a great deal of effort. Then when 3 other dead monitors, a TV and an old amplifier set were all added to the boot of the Ka, its tail sagged. Driving with this was also difficult for fear of the rear windows blowing out because of screens striking it.

Actually dropping them into a hole:

I was like kick, and they were like fall, bam chica bam bam, and heh m heh heh, hmmm heh heh breaking stuff is cool, and they were like booom and kabash when they met the ground... heh heh heh the sky is hard...

Sorry about that. I like to destroy stuff. It's like being 8 years old again... except I'll miss my old monitor. You've done good service, I give you a 21 volt salute.

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