January 06, 2006

iFive - 6th Jan

Everybody give three cheers except the BBC - A-L-E-X-E-I-S-A-Y-L-E

Alexei Sayle was one of those people on the comedy landscape who always struck as being somewhat of a bit of a strange one. If it wasn't his portrayal of every member of the Balowski family on The Young Ones then it was his monolougues to camera in his own various shows that made him famous.
A short man in badly cut suits that always spoke in a semi-smug-British-undertone but was borne from growing up on a chicken farm on the dismal side of the iron curtain where they had to pedal to produce their own electricity. (tone goes up at the end in Scouse smugness - smile and pause)
Number one this week was one of those monologues; as far as I can tell, Brit Rail sandwiches didn't improve under privatisation either.

1. British Rail Sandwiches - Alexei Sayle
2. I'll Follow The Sun - The Beatles
3. Different Town - Strong Bad
4. Promenade III (Pictures at an Exhibition) - Mussorgsky
5. Tiny Explosions - Presidents of the USA

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