January 05, 2006

Horse 473 - The Self-Preservation Society

Maybe if we explain that you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

There are some films which should never be remade. Taxi with Queen Latifa is a perfect example of this, as the original film with Samy Naceri was a car-bashing classic. Likewise whoever thought ot letting Mark Wahlberg within 10 feet of the Italian Job should be strung from the yard-arm.

Who was the star of this picture? Was it Michael Caine? Was it the Minis themselves? Was it the people of Turin for allowing their city to suffer gridlock for the sole purpose of a film? How about Quincy Jones for providing a soundtrack that would become a character as important as any other?

Lots has been written about this film and its genuine cliffhanger. But yet, there was a plan!
The film for the opening three scenes of the sequel had been shot. The plan was as follows:

Leave the engine running in the bus which would use up all the petrol and move the weight back up to the front. Then escape from the bus and watch as it plunged into the French Alps below. The sequel had they ever funded it would have been about recovering the gold which they stole.

Would that have done this film justice though?

One of the little aspect of The Italian Job is the sense of British patriotism that falls through the film. From the fact that the three sports cars aren't used for the heist but the symbol of post-war Britain. It was little planes like the Spitfire and Hurricane that had saved Britain and the little Mini beat all comers in the Monte-Carlo rally, it was things mini which Britain saw itself in... and they were red white and blue as well.

Somehow chants from inside a prison in Brixton say more about the little island nation than a fanfare and a brass band in the remake.

Now I find out that they intend to do a sequel not of the original but the remake... word fail me.

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