January 04, 2006

Horse 472 - Who's Moving In Next Door?

Oh what's this? There's a removal van on the other side of the street. I wonder who's moving in. There certainly appears to be a lot of whistling going on.

Ah, it's only a couple of chaps trying to move a bed in. Phew. There appears to be eight of them? What?! You have to feel sorry for the removalists, though it isn't as bad as it seems, the other seven don't appear to be a big as the first, they're simply magnificent these seven beds.

Ah that's good. They appear to be having a tea break. It should do them some good. I don't like the look of what I see though, there appears to be a half eaten apple just thrown away and left on the pavement.

Picture frames, very snazzy indeed. It's a pity that there's no pictures in them. The lady of the house appears to be a keen photographer. I overheard her earlier and she said that "some day my stuff will come back from the chemists".

What's going in next. Gardening gear? No wait. It looks like pick axes and other sorts of mining equipment, though it is very very small. Probably the same people who need to make use of the beds, except for one garden tool. It's a rather largish hoe. What a high hoe!

I'm guessing that the people moving in are a lady with seven smallish friends... no wait a second, that's Michael Jackson. I guess I'll never know who's moved in. The lady always appears to be taking a nap.

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