January 20, 2006

iFive - 20th Jan

V8 Supercars gets released next month but I'm more eagerly waiting for the English release of Katamari Damacy (We Love Katamari). Basically the premise is that the King of All Cosmos, a colossal celestial being, somehow lost all of the stars (either in a poker game or something - we don't know) and it's up to the Prince to roll aound various worlds collecting crap to rebuild them. The word katamari roughly equates to a clump - or a pile - which is basically what you have to collect because it's fair game.
The Soundtrack? Pure quirky J-Pop. Part symphonic, part 80's video game, part metal, part rock, part Plastic Pop Idol, part... Katamari. The soundtrack like the game is basically a big pile of sound sort of all mashed together.

And yes, in the picture you can see cars, a beach umbrella, trees and a set of stairs in a big mish-mash clump.

1. Rock the Katamari - Katamari Damacy (soundtrack)
2. Swinging London Town - Girls Aloud
3. Walking Contradiction - Green Day
4. Song 2 - Blur (FIFA '98 Version)
5. You Are Smart - Katamari Damacy

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