January 30, 2006

Horse 486DX - Passing the Time at the Post Office

One thing I've found is that I've found novel and interesting ways to pass the time. I have this problem where I'll find myself in the front of a Post Office queue and no idea why I'm there. I haven't got any letters, I wont have any bills to pay, nothing, and I'll be there going:
"I just joined this queue, why did I join this queue? I don't know, there was people queuing here, I though it would be a good idea"
Cashier No 3 please.

Well maybe I'm not that bored that I have to play tricks on old ladies.
Cashier No 3 please. Cashier No 7 please. Cashier No 2 please.

Here's a thought, if you are a slightly older type person and happen to be bored and happen tohave not very much money, why not go down to the Post Office and play Counter Bingo? Just pick some random numbers and while you're standing there:
Cashier No 5 please. Cashier No 4 please. Cashier No 11 please.
Yes, Bingo!

Actually yes, if I'm not particularly doing much, I'll spend my whole day in a constant haze of daydreaming and thenI'll find myself snapped back into reality with loads of people looking at me funny. My life is basically like one big episode of Quantum Leap.

Oh boy.

Didn't he happen to say that a lot... you'd be watching and then a resigned Oh Boy. Wouldn't it be great if he'd jumped into the body of Buddy Holly.
Oh boy. When you're with me Oh Boy.
It's like the circle of life that Elton John sang about but not, that would be a bit crap wouldn't it?
The circle of life is a random Aussie bloke, talking about standing in a Post Office and then he talked about Buddy Holly, that's the circle of life!
All the antelopes are going "How are we meant to dance to this? When does he become the Lion King, I don't know"
The circle of life is like a man with a big foot on the desk, it's enough to make kings out of... midgets. I don't know the rest of the song. That's not how he plays the piano, not with antelopes standing about. He also probably fighting off a couple of angry midgets, mind you he did spend like £9,000,000 on flowers so it's not that much of a stretch, if you had that kind of money you wouldn't be bothered.

Cashier No 3 please.

Note to self: Try not to post stuff in a half conscious state at half three in the morning, the results are bizarre and strange.

Cashier No 9 please.

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