February 14, 2006

Meine Prinzessin und liebe liebe Dame.
Ich liebe Dich, meine schatzi.


Anonymous said...

sad bastard

Katja said...

What ever happened to uninforming the world?

Ich lieb' dich NICHT du liebst mich NICHT,
...mein lecker Lieber Rollo!

By the way, Jesus loves anonymous.

Rollo said...

Oh dear, it appears as though there are some bitter people in the world.

I've been there before.

I'm confused now.

Rollo said...

The first comment in reply to this post I have subsequently found out was by my friend Derik.

Now I'm even more confused. Is this a term of endearment coming from him, a direct insult or maybe a point of irony?

With Derik, you'll never ever know.

Derik said...


Yeah 's me. Cheer up, I'm just rippin' ya.

Jesus may love anonymous but what's he ever done for me? Apart from coming, dying, beating death, smacking Satan for six and going to prepare a place? NOTHING.