February 27, 2006

Horse 503 - My Dreams Were Squashed

I was walking down to the post office at lunch time in a series of alleyways with the iPod going in my ears providing a symphony to the world. Before me was an apple on the pavement.

I kicked the apple ahead of me. I dribbled the apple, both off the outside and inside of both feet. Suddenly I found I was running and weaving in between rubbish. Doing little tricks with the apple and commanding it between my feet like a puppet on a string.

Trees became defenders and walls became the crowd and the music in my ears became a 40,000 string crowd singing and hoping for one moment of glory. Chipping the apple... no football over a defender I brought it down and had just one moment to get that last shot off in the last minute of extra time in the Cup Final.

One step inside, jigging to left and pow! It curled upwards towards the top right corner in slow motion, but then a hulking goalkeeper got in the way and the shot was saved.

... and then I looked up and realised that an Isuzu 550 Truck had just squished my apple and there was no crowd, no Cup Final and no replay next week. Some dreams aren't meant to come true... and some only exist in back alleys up and down the land.

Next time I'm using an orange!

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Katja said...

Rollo, Rollo!
He's our man!
If he can't do it
no one can!