February 26, 2006

Horse 501 - Retro

When the film Grease came out in 1978 it was obvious that the period know as retro then was the 1950's. As we moved into the 1980's it was the 1960's with the idea of mods and Rock-N-Roll which found itself as the new retro, then in the 1990's we had a late surge of the 70's with films like The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Muriel's Wedding where ths music of the 1970's suddenly found themselves as retro.

Now it's the post-punk period of Atari and Hypercolour T-Shirts that are coming back as retro. Triple M which founded itself on pub-rock in the 80's has had to keep it's line-up and puts this down to Barry the Chimp.

I lived through the 80's the first time around and as far as I'm concerned they weren't much chop musically. Why am I being forced to re-live them again? Why is stuff like Cindi Lauper again popular, why are there remixes of 80s songs suddenly becoming popular? Is this the reason why Madonna is still making records (she should had given up in the 80s)? Don't even talk to me about U2 - they were crap in the 80's, right through the 90's and have continued to produce quatsch and shash right up to the present day.

I will be looking forward to the 2010's when the late 90's becomes retro. This will be after a period when we'll again have to endure whinge rock from Kurt Cobain et al. But at least then we'll get the Spin Doctors and Ratcat back on the radio.

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