February 27, 2006

Horse 502 - We Are Being Watched

It's rain of biblical proportions in Sydney tonight or to quote the late great James Hunt (1976 F1 World Champion), it's really filthy out there.

Anyway, I've left B's and driven into the night where rain is sheeting across the tarmac and I found this chap on Cornelia Rd with his hazard lights on, and he was standing next to his car crying.

This chap said his name was Akbar and he'd gotten a flat tyre after he'd swerved to miss a dog on the road, scuffed the kerb and burst it. The reason why he was crying was that it was his brother's car and he didn't know how to change a tyre.

So I've pulled over in the pouring rain and he told me his story, and I'm guessing that he was either in a state of shock or genuinely didn't know how to change the tyre, so I offered to do it for him.

He asked me how my day was and I told him how I'd been to church, he told me that he went to a mosque once a week so I assume that he was a practicing Muslim, but what was interesting was that he left me with a comment that's going to stay with me for a while:
"Australia is supposedly a Christian country, but only the people who tell you they are, are real Christians. They're the good people; everyone else is phony and liars."

And this was coming from a Muslim? Obviously I was changing his tyre for him and was totally saturated (so I guess that some degree of politeness was in order) but the point of the matter was that I seriously doubt if anyone else but a Christian would have bothered to help him. Now I'm not saying I'm brilliant or anything because I've only done what any decent person should have done (hey it's raining, and it's not nice to see people out in the yukkiness of a night like that) but it at least shows that people do watch and are noticing us.

And shouldn't we help people out anyway? I mean if I was stuck out in the rain on a night like tonight, I'm sure that I would think it nice if someone offered to help.

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Anonymous said...

u r so cuuuute
i wouldnt have the guts 2 do that