February 28, 2006

Horse 504 - Radio Competition

Radio Triple M across the eastern state has come up with probably the most ridiculous radio competition of all time. Following the non-success of "Commonwealth Names", Peter Berner was asked to invent the new competition and he came up with that old favourite "What Number am I Thinking of?"

Contestants are asked to guess what number Pete is thinking of between 1-10... that's it. No skill required or anything. Still I find it almost hillarious that some people do not even grasp this concept. Here are some guesses from yesterday's show:


14? The last time I checked, 14 was not between 1 and 10. In fact it's what we in the know call outside the two or greater than 10.


7 is a fine guess, but it was wrong.


7 is a fine guess, but someone else already picked it. You see, the thing with picking a number is that it doesn't change. If someone guessed and it was wrong then, it's not suddenly going to become the right number now.


Ok, strictly speaking that technically is between 1 and 10, but that's just being stupid now isn't it.


2? Guess what? You've won!

Now if you win a radio competition you win a prize. Triple M are giving away 100,000 Vietnamese Dong if you win "What Number am I Thinking of?". 100,000 D equates roughly to A$8.49. Now I don't know about you, but to go from the chance to go to the Commonwealth Games, or winning a week in a resort on Great Keppel Island to now having the chance to win $8.49 just seems a wee bit lame.

Still, it's better than a ticket in the meat tray on Nova.

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Jules said...

I thinking of the number e so there, ha!