April 01, 2006

Horse 521 - They Have Changed

We've all see those ads of the blokes barbequing and then they zoom out to like a bunch of identical blokes barbequing and then they zoom out even further with music going and the blokes turn into dots of flavour on a Barbeque Shape.
They've got Pizza Shapes and Salsa Shapes and even Chilli Shapes but my contention is that Barbeque Shapes have changed.

I reckon if they did that advert again but this time made it true to life, and zoomed back in you'd find three blokes on the biscuit going "Sorry, they didn't employ enough of us. Johnny Howard and his IR reforms mean that we're too expensive now" The point is that they're just not full of flavour anymore.

When Maggi had it's Flavour-Flavour-Flavour Maggi-Maggi-Maggi noodles advert all those years ago, I wonder if they considered that to re-do the advert now and keep truth in advertising it should now read Flavour-Fl..whatever Maggi-Maggi-Maggi-Maggi? I bet not.

Even Iced Vo-Vo biscuits aren't as flavoursome as they used to be. I'm sure that once upon a time all of that iced bit went all the way to edges. Do you think I don't notice? Hello? The Iced Vo-Vo isn't worthy to be called Iced Vo now; in fact it's almost in danger of becoming so boring that it might turn into an Iced Volvo biscuit. Put a hat on those blokes, bung them in a 1976 244 Estate and tell them not to fall asleep while watching The Bill.

Food companies, don't think we don't notice. There used to be days when you'd look forward to sticking your fingers into the bottom of the back and getting all those bits that fell off but now, it as though they thought of that and they come pre-fallen off for you.

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