April 09, 2006

Horse 526 - From Ancient Grudge Break To New Mutiny


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes Chelsea remain in the driving seat to win the title despite pressure from Manchester United. The Gunners travel up to M6 to Old Trafford on Sunday knowing a victory would not only keep up their hopes of finishing in the top four, but also virtually end United's drive to catch league leaders Chelsea, who should pick up a simple 3 points against West Ham Utd at home at Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal and Man Utd have no love lost between them. This fixture has often ended in spite. In 2004 several players came to blows and even last year there were recorded incidents of soup and pizza being thrown in the players tunnel.

Sir Alex Ferguson has for the vast majority of his career been trying to outshine the great Bill Shankly. Whereas Shankly will be remembered for putting into place the conditions that created the greatest trophy run in England, Fergie knows that when he leaves there will be no-one to replace him. Shankly is known for his wit whereas Fergie is roundly thought of as a halfwit.

Arsene Wenger was the perfect manager for Arsenal. Both he and the club share the first four letters of their names, and those four letters are apt descriptors for both. "Boring Boring" Arsenal have the record of being one of only two clubs in history to go through a season undefeated. It is their "Boring Boring" football under "Boring Boring" Wenger that will mean that apart from the niggle that every referee is obliged to favour Utd at home for fear of being either assaulted or knifed in the car park, that this will be a "Boring Boring" fixture.

I hope that for Arsenal's sake they win. Not because I want them to secure fourth in the title but because I'd rather see Chelsea despite throwing £35zn at the title, it would mean that Utd doesn't win the Premiership.

Let's hope Va Va Voom slots one home.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha u suk
Man Utd won
ha ha u suk

nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah

nd they r gunna win the premiership 2