April 18, 2006

iFive - Apr 16

For technical reasons, iFive now moves to Mondays.

I was taking my friend's sister home from working at the local fried chicken joint and happened to have the iPod on in the car like normal. She got in half way through "(Probably) All In The Mind" by Oasis and made the comment that the orchestration of this song sounded really beautiful and that it was a pity that this wasn't released as a single (not that we got the last two in Australia anyway but that's a different issue).
This song features strings, a mellotron, and even the sound of a vacuum cleaner a cello along with the standard overblown guitar sound that's an Oasis trademark. I concur, it's a truly beautiful and difficult bit of music to listen to because you'll need about 6 plays to appreciate and even find everything contained within.

If you think about the most covered song in the history of pop music, it was track 13, on the B-side of an album and also never released as a single. When it was released it broke a lot of rules by including a string quartet as well as an acoustic guitar. Literally the establishment was shocked that you could not only get away with this but produce such a well-crafted and accepted pop song. I of course refer to "Yesterday" by the Beatles which incidentally is just over 40 years old now.

1. Girls Aloud - No Good Advice
2. Tom Lehrer - The Old Dope Peddler
3. Tom Lehrer - Silent E
4. Oasis - (Probably) All In The Mind
5. The Animals - House of the Rising Sun

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