April 24, 2006

Horse 536 - The American Job

Compare the following The Italian Job 1969 and The Italian Job 2003 and you'll soon discover that one scrubs up as an absolute classic and the other... well it just isn't.

Even I had misgivings about it before the film had even screened. Well guess what? I saw it as a first run film in the cinemas and thought it was... alright. Tonight it's appeared on Channel 10 and I still think it's only... alright.

So the New Mini isn't the classic it should have been; and Marky Mark is no Michael Caine which means I'm probably highly predjudiced against it, but it's still no stunner any way including up.

Either way, it's an excuse for me to use a stock photo of jumping Minis - which is very very tres cool.

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