April 26, 2006

Horse 538 - Geburtstag!

I'm donating my parts to science,
To increase the human knowledge.
If we all know more than we did before, we could...

1. Work out time travel
2. Go into space
3. Find out why Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows
4. We could do stem cell research
5. Find a cure for cancer

6. Find out what chicken nuggets are made of
7. I could break the world record
8. I could be the King
9. Work out what that thing in the back of your throat is for
10. Invent an electronic water unraveller

11. Annoy Greenpeace
12. Stop paying tolls on the M7
13. Build an actual light sabre
14. Poke a tiger with a stick
15. Vacuum clean the dining room
16. Dance the Charleston of top of a flag pole
17. Eat pumpernickel
18. Set fire to important documents
19. Knit your granny a jumper
20. Dance in the living room without instructions

21. Speak Esperanto
23. Leave out number 22

22. Put 22 and 23 in the wrong order
24. Build an archology and a giant arboreum
25. Wish Katja a Happy 25th Birthday...

...feeling old yet?


Katja said...

Du bist süß

Anonymous said...