April 21, 2006

Horse 535 - Bris-Vegas

This post comes from the jewel of Queeeeesnlaaaaaand and literally a gnat's spit from the Vulture St end.

The Brisbane Cricket Ground colloquially called the "Gabba" after the suburb Wollongabba in which it resides is a towering ring that little resembles last time I was here.

The Brisbane Lions AFL club have poured millions into the upkeep of this place and it is now a far cry from the canvas and string affair that was here before. Lang Park across the way is equally impressive and now resembles the San Siro more than the bit of dirt that King Wally called home for so long.

Actually the Gabba is a strange ground. Originally built for cricket, for a period from the 1930's until the current re-development, the ground used to have a sawdust dog track going around the outside. As a wee lad I remember on the radio throws to the Gabba for the results of greyhound racing much to my annoyance because Mr Packer would disturb the gentleman's game of cricket just to display these results.

The Gabba is one of those rare instances that "went to the dogs" and yet prospered, what a relief that it's no longer a caudlron of mutt.


And one last thing before I leave. The Zone 1-2 tickets in the centre of town allow you to hop on and off trains at will without buying a new ticket. To Mr Iemma of the NSW State Government - you could learn from our backwards neighbours oop noorth.

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