March 07, 2007

Horse 727 - I Believe I Can Fly

Horse 727 is posted on 7/3/7 but not on a 727 or a 737 but if you happen to be reading this on a 727 or a 737, then good luck.

A report put out by some university this week (and I only caught the tail end of this on the radio, so my research is skimpy) has suggested that children's confidence levels tend to lead them to engage in more dangerous behaviours while dressed up like superheroes. To put this in layman's terms if you dress up your kids like Superman then they're more likely to try to fly.

It got me thinking about the many stories (and personal experiences) where kids have tried to jump off the roof thinking they were some sort of superhero. Kids imaginations are huge, and I know that they can really believe that if they do something, then something else happens. One of my neighbour's kids was really really angry that when he put on his Batman suit, that he couldn't fly; I remember that we were on holidays once and some kids was covered in red ink and bawling because he'd tried to be Spider-Man and failed.

Knowing this has given me a very wise thought. If I ever have children, I'm going to give them some white make-up and a clown costume; that way they can dress up like a mime. All I'd have to be worried about then is that they accidentally got trapped inside an invisible box or were caught walking against the wind. The only down side to this is that they might think that they're Canio the Sad Clown from Pagliacci or perhaps will want to don the schellenmütze (I don't even know the English word for this - the cap and bells?) and marotte. Either way they'll look ironically less stupid than some kid in the supermarket who thinks they're Batman.

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