March 19, 2007

Horse 735 - No Big Words?

This post has been made with only tiny words so that folk who do not get big words can read it. In a chat that I had, Steve said that this blog was too hard too read as it had too many big words. But I have found that it is very not easy to say what you want with only tiny words and the tone and lilt of your mind gets lost and you end up with a post that just looks kind of well... silly.

It made me think about the folk who are only at the start with English and how hard it must be to say what you want and not look like you are ten years old. Even at the time when I wrote this, it was very hard to put an idea into words if they were all tiny. Try it, it is hard. I also think that to some point you lose the feel and flow as the stop and start of the thing just trips you up.

"Not real" ideas can be very hard to say if you only keep to small words. To try to paint an image when most of your shades are not there is not easy thing to do at all. In fact it tells us why kids find it so hard to tell us what they want to say, for if they do not have the words, then how do they to tell us what they want at all?

It is a good thing that the flower of English has a lot more than the small words. If they were not here then many things of great worth would not have come to be, such as many poems, plays and books. It was George Orwell in his book 1984 who said that if you take away words, then you not only take away what people can say but also take away what they can think. If the words hold ideas and then those words stop being, then to take away the words means that the ideas will also stop.

Are big words a "good thing"? I think yes.

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