March 31, 2007

Horse 743 - Man-Made Fibres

The clothesline at the moment is full of washing that's drying very quickly 'cause the weather's fine. Flip-flap, flip-flap etc.

Obviously man-made fibres are everywhere in our lives. Nylon, polyester, lycra - these were the new-fangled materials of the late 60's and people made all sorts of brilliantly coloured clothing out of them.
Unfortunately as we found out, these man-made fibres don't breathe as well as their natural counterparts; thus they happen to be stinky, smelly and just a little bit crap.

The words "Man-Made Fibres" is a curious word combination. If you saw Chicken-Fried Rice you wouldn't honestly expect that an actual chicken had got out some rice nad made a lovely little stir-fry for you. Unlike spiders, people do not have spinnarettes from which they could actually produce fibres. Instead they're mostly made from petrochemical compounds and then machines extrude and physically make them for us.

When you think about it, it is somewhat of a marvel that nature is capable of producing firbrous material. The only truly man-made fibres are hairs. I don't know of anything that you could possibly make from human har except if you happened to run a moustache factory of perhaps use them to filter coffee, but in either case like nylon, polyester, lycra etc, they would tend to get stinky, smelly and just a little bit crap; rather like this post!

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