March 25, 2007

Horse 739 - The Third Bucket

I really don't understand how Australia can be called truly "democratic". The way that Government is decided in this country is that once every four years, people turn up at their local polling place and bosh a few numbers on a piece of paper for some bozos who've they've never heard of before (even during the campaign) to give them a $120,000 a year job for sitting around and ignoring the constituents.

There is a common phrase "choosing the lesser of two evils", but in an election you usually get the choice of 3 incompotents, two ratbags and someone who actually believes in something but wont be elected anyway. People often forget that when they actually do pick "the lesser of two evils" they've still chosen an evil, which in the case of government means a continued state of not enough money being spent on public services and laws passed which help the people who sponsored the politcal parties in the first place.

Perhaps we could change the system to one where every four years you could turn up and stick your head in a bucket of something nasty of your choice. Exit poles would have people saying things like:
My family has been sticking our head in cold porridge for 60 years.
I'm not telling you what I've stuck my head in because it's a secret ballot.
I went for the independant bucket of sump oil.
I didn't really care what I stuck my head in, so I just went for the first thing I saw.

I think that this way voters wouldn't be any worse off and it would validate the inconvenience of turning up at a polling place once every four years.

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