January 04, 2005

Horse 268 - The Electric Mayhem

Long before The Darkness started parodying glam rock, way before Chad Smith ripped his shirt in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, long before Britney Spears started baring her midriff and in fact before of any of these were even born, the Electric Mayhem were doing all of this even before colour TV.

Whether Sgt Floyd Pepper was named after Pink Floyd or the Beatles 7th album is a matter of conjecture, whether Zoot has only one pair of pants is also unknown and how Janice ever managed to keep her eyelashes in decent condition is unknown, but one thing is certain - Dr Teeth has to be about the coolest musician that ever lived.

Absotively and possolutely!

rollo75 is on holiday until January 10 and is generally wasting time ^_^

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Anonymous said...

You are wasting time. Why talk about the Muppets for? What did they ever do you?