January 28, 2005

Horse 284 - Dead People & Medicare

I read with much mirth the following in today's Sydney Morning Herald (28/01/05) - "521,000 people in the financial year 2003/04 named on Medicare cards who were either dead or unborn" I agree with this in priciple but maybe not in execution. Health Care should be afforded to all Australians and especially the dead, I mean you can't physically get any more unwell than actually being dead now can you?

There is the problem of the undead which I suppose must include all zombies, ghosts, poltergheists and vampires. Though in the case of vampires there is a distinct argument against them being on Medicare, a blood transfusion to a vampire is like giving Coco Pops to a 9 year old or pizza, chips and PS2s to the people of Nimbin. The estates of dead people actually do pay the Medicare levy, so I guess that means legally they do have the rights to the services they've paid for, even if they are zombies.

On the subject of the unborn I could start all sorts of debate about abortions which would by reason put them into the same category as the unborn undead. Apart from those people who at some point in the future will actually be born, the rest should become Defence personnel. It makes sense that if the Federal Government is so intent on "pre-emptive strikes" on hostile powers then perhaps those attacks should be done with pre-emptive people.

Lastly I propose that the unborn, dead and the undead be given universal sufferage. The law specifically precludes minors from voting and technically the unborn, dead and the undead aren't minors. In any event haven't dead people already decided the fate of numerous elections... like in the case of our own Federal Government.


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