January 06, 2005

Horse 269 - Red Ska 3

...And then it just got a bit weird. It isn't a good idea to be giving me any more than about two days holiday, for then I start to get restless.

1. My Ka now sports Red seat covers, and a Red 3 ball for a gearknob.
2.Was up on the roof and resealed about 3 dozen tiles. Got up there with a tube of epoxy and glued the little dudes back together.
3. Looked under the house and was going to run some Cat 5 but got freaked out by 6 redbacks so like a wuss I scurried back inside.
4. Thought it pert to investigate my quatravox stereo. It had finally died and so I installed my Marantz amp. Now the Kriessler and Bang & Olafson speakers can once again ring out their powerful voices. The downside is that I went from 60's turn dial to 80's LED display.
5. Went comic book hunting. Found Chrono Crusade book 2, and Mahoromatic 3 & 4.
6. Had a look at
The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company as I'm still interested in a 1977 European Cup Winners strip.
7. Checked the wheel aligment in the Ka.
8. Cured an oil leak in the Merc
9. Threw some Rat-Sac in the roof
10. Mopped up after the cat made a nasty on the kitchen floor (not like Captain Cook).
11. Sat here and told y'all.

... and it's only 5 past 3 in the arvo. Worried worried worried, what to do next? Augh!

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Anonymous said...

Who cares what you did? I don't.