January 07, 2005

Horse 270 - Arthur King and your silly kn...iggets

The beginning of every year always fills me with the same sorts of questions; namely what what my maker have for me to do in the next 12 months. Usually to some degree the conditions of the previous year will always be carried forward but like all of us at any stage in our lives the future is yet unwritten. Note shameless link here

Today I walked on down to a Toonie DVD rental place and hired King Arthur. Now the films greatest themes aren't about him conquering stuff or finding Excalibur or even any of those type things but the "bigger questions" of where is my home? & where do I belong?

Now I ask the same question. The answer in broad principles is that the world is a finite space and it isn't so much where I belong but to whom. The answer in broad terms is that we've been built for God's pleasure and purposes and not our own. I am small and the world is big; He is bigger.

The North Star will always be there to guide you. That doesn't mean you follow it. It always points north, you must know for yourself what direction to travel. The best place to travel is home, the journey out may be fun, but the way home is always better. That sounds glib, what a stupid paragraph.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's stupid. Stupidly written.