January 15, 2005

Horse 276 - Living in a Pizza Oven

Hello Australia.

Some 218 years ago, the English Government (before the Second Act of Union) decided that keeping prisoners on board ships was no longer an option. Not because they felt that this was inhumane but because the number of hulks that were around simply weren't enough. To combat this problem, prisoners were sent to Australia which in effect became the world's largest goal.

Now this sounds like it should be a post for Australia Day (in 11 days time) but the point that I wish to drag out here is that the consequences of making Australia a gaol are still being felt. 41 degrees C the mercury hit today, now had this been in the UK, modern authorities would have condemned this as being inhumane conditions in which to keep prisoners. What then happens when the country of free people are subjected to this?

Because of my English heritage, I hold the bizarre qualities of being able to understand cricket, be relatively chivalrous, and have a reasonable ability to empty containers of fermented vegetable products. To the downside of this, is that I have been genetically bred to live in constant rain and and the bottom of a peat bog if necessary. Australia on the other hand is a dry dusty sort of place and me being white skinned and all, tend not to get sunburnt but to suddenly burst into flames.

Now before this is seen as slating this country, bear in mind that I think that as a nation it has the ability to achieve great things. I just wish that we could somehow tow it about a thousand miles south so I wouldn't feel so damn hot and bothered.

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