June 04, 2006

Horse 560 - 40 Years of Hurt Over?

"Please tell me this is not a dream, this is the greatest game in the world. Oh, I Really don't believe that scoreline. This will make every nation sit up and take notice, England are back and back to the bank." - Martin Tyler

England ripped apart Germany 5-1 on the qualifying run to Japan 2002, but the result yesterday of 6-0 is the greatest margin under Sven Goran Eriksson's tenure. To say that this is anything but a pasting is to underestimate the current squad; even without Wayne Rooney, this current crop is looking dangerous.

The scorecard reads as follows:
Lampard 11
Taylor (og 17)
Crouch 29
Owen 32
Crouch 67
Crouch (miss pen 83)
Crouch 89

Even with Crouch's missed penatly, England were sitting on their highest margin since WW2 and the fact that he bagged another for his hat-trick in regular play just 6 minutes later is probably proof enough that the lanky lad should probably get at least one start in the tournament. Remember this is the same Peter Crouch who not even 12 months ago took 15 matches for score for his club, and now he's scored 4 times in as many days for the country.

A whole generation has had to put with with their fathers' stories about the 66 Cup at Wembley in which our Alf took England to a 4-2 win over West Germany. 40 years later, will we now be able to see a similay scoreline in Germany?

66 & 06? Perhaps D-Day part 2 begins on Jun 9.

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