June 19, 2006

Horse 569 - Incompotency Incognito

A couple of months back it was great Brazillian striker Pele who told us in adverts about nasal delivery technology to cure impotency. When Australia play Brazil at Stupid O'Clock EST perhaps they should have taken something similar for incompotency.

Yes, the referee spent most of the match admiring his naval; yes the Brazillians spent more time rolling around on the ground than the ball itself but when opportunities like that were like a gaping chasm just waiting for someone to fall in then Australia really has no-one to blame but themselves.

Kewell again proved my disdain for him when after looking at all available options in-front of an open goal, he decided to put the ball into Saarland. Quite frankly Kewell & Cahill would be a better option as a pair than just Viduka who is forced to come back to cover Kewells waywardness.

Der Sport Bild reports a general favouring of the football superpowers at this World Cup, and tonight this was also on display. Especially when a man called Fred can score in such wide space.

Brazil 2
Adriano (49)
Fred (90)

Australia 0

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