June 27, 2006

Horse 578 - Casserole

In a yet to be released Divulge by BJD, he asks the following questions on fast food: If you owned your own fast food chain, what would it be called? What would be in your happy meal? AND Would you have a healthy menu?

To answer these requires another question which is namely, if you were the proprietor of said fast food restaurant, what sort would it be? Well I had a look around and saw what "the kids" were snacking on at lunchtime to come up with a sure fire winner.

Yummy, meaty, earthenware cooked casseroles. Who doesn't like a good beef casserole or ragout? Just think: they fulfil all the requirements of a good fast food - they're sloppy, hard to eat while moving, require cutlery, can't be served at a drive through window. In fact they're perfect.

You see the problem with our increasingly porcine population is that they head on down to their local burger joint and can wolf down 20 or 30 burgers. A casserole requires one to sit down and savour the ingredients and because they're of better quality they don't need preservatives and additives with weird numbers like E210, E330, E451, E621 & EIEIO.

No, a casserole forces people to appreciate what's in front of them and to take time. If my restaurant called Rollo's (natch) got off the ground it would be a very happy meal to be had by all, and as for the "healthy choices" menu? If people learnt to appreciate good food in the first place then this need would not exist.

PS: I want casserole now. Ha! I have the skills to make one... suffer!

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Anonymous said...

is casserole a fast food? i dont think so lol