June 17, 2006

Horse 568 - Dawn Chorus

This little kitten has lost his mittens and doesn't know where to find them...

...so is sitting at the top of the back steps with his hands curled furiously around a warm mug of tea hoping to extract any heat at all from it.

Unlike uni students, the world of work has ruined me. I'm unable to sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday morning because 4 hours later, everything clicks back into drive and I'm going again. So after a night of watching football (again this is the World Cup) and finally slinking back into bed at 6am, come 10am I was awoken by the Saturday morning symphony of lawnmowers and edgers.

Sydney has been living with water restrictions continuously now for about 5 years. People's lawns are not the manicured seas of veridian they used to be. So now as they all head towards sienna and old movie tone, the first sign of rain and a few days of weeks later, the grass goes mental and grows all over the place.

Right nowI think I can hear about 13 lawnmowers all singing away. The two cats currently in our backyard have for the moment declared it to be a safe haven where the monsters with spinny teeth can't get them.

And just think, not less than 20 years ago, all of this was semi bush and the dawn chorus would have been Rainbow Lorikeets, Cockatoos, Galahs and Rosellas and now the only place you're likely to find any of them is on a tin of bikkies.

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