June 28, 2006

Horse 579 - It's A Girl!

I was searching through my computer at work looking for files that would warrant cleanup or deletion and found this little gem. That's right it's a picture of the very first day I brought my little Rossalini* home from the car yard. Looking at the photo, I've gone Awwwwwww, it's sooo cuuuuute!

Which brings me to an interesting point. Most males drivers it would seem want a car that's big, brash and causes an oil crisis when you hit the gas. When I bought my little Ka, I wanted something that was small, red and cute. I figured that if I was going to own it for an extended period of time (like forever) then I wanted to make sure that it would still have that "Awwww" factor several years later.

I first saw the Ka at the Earl's Court motor show back in 1996 and thought back then "Oh yes, it will be mine". When they finally hit the Australian market some 4 years later, I knew that it would replace "Mintie" which was a 1989 Hyundai Excel which quite frankly was a cut-and-shut job.

The car is obviously a girl. I mean look at it, do you think a bloke would have a face that cute? Of course it could be argued that as a girl she should wear more chrome and jewellery but let's be brutally honest here - she looks far more honest than the posers who you might find parading up and down the catwalk. The other motors with wings and skirts which do look girly but in reality do nothing for performance.

My sister has a Pulsar and that's quite obviously a boy-car, I mean what self-respecting girl-car would degrade itself in mag wheels and a giant farty sounding muffler?
I'm still not entirely sure about the Mercedes. It wears a lot of chrome and is a grand old car, but makes a grouchy, grumbly rumble everywhere it goes. Nope on second thought it is a girl, or rather a lady. She reminds me of one of those schoolmistresses I had for English classes with horn-rimmed sunglasses, a cranky old lady with a very cross face who'd teach anyone a lesson.

But Rossalini is a girl-car; a little cheeky one at that. 5 years later I still want to go "It's sooooo cuuuuuuute!", which means I did well when I took her home.
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*Rossalini - Little Red One


Katja said...

My car's name is Kirby and he's from Ventura. While Ventura is known for freaks, he's just a nerd with a weak chin. I think he was emotionally abused up there in coockoo-land California because he's a jittery wreck- he's always having nervous breakdowns. One of these days I'll have to put him out of his misery, poor guy.

Evydense said...

Please don't get me wrong...I don't personally mind a bit, but I'm wondering why your Wednesday post is a link to a blog I wrote on my site. I just think it would be an appropriate thing to give credit to your source, so it doesn't appear that you are taking credit for someone else's opinions or thoughts.

Rollo said...


Wednesday 28th of June 2006, my post Horse 579 is mine; nor does it contain any links to an outside source except the photograph of Rossalini.

Please clarify your complaint.

Evydense said...

Absolutely full apology. It wasn't you. This got posted to your site in error. My error.

Evydense said...

Just to explian a bit further, so you don't think I'm a total jerk!!

There is a site at gm-t5-transmissionz.info that lists a bunch of blog entries, all of them marked as being by someone with the word 'horse' in their name, but all of them are written by other people. Your blog was at the top of the list, so I assumed all the entries were yours, I didn't realize each one was a different author. Sorry again!

Dave Norman said...

The thing about Ka—and it's a great thing, really it is—is that it might have a cute face, but it's got a great figure too. Nice round bumper, and the whole has the shape of a (ahem) bosom (if you'll pardon my language). And a generous one at that.