June 12, 2006

Horse 564 - Being Horrible

After church a bunch of us went to see The Break Up with Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston in and I came away from the film wondering why I'd departed with $10 when there was Rugby on the telly.

Vince Vaughan appeared on Z100 in New York on Wednedsay and he's reporting that this film is actually responsible for creating more break-ups than your average rom-com. Again, I want to ask the question what's the point in a film in which people are deliberately horrible to each other?

Perhaps it isn't in my mentality, but in this film the two antagonists are pre-occupied with using as much arsenal as they possibly can to blow each other's heads off, so the end of the film is inevitable rather than a surprise.

I've seen plenty of my friends so through similar self-destructing and defeating methods of resolution and again I don't understand what's to be gained from deliberately being horrible to someone. I know personally that even if I had a major disagreement even with an enemy, my natural reaction is to retreat and let everything diffuse, because simple logic dictates that being horrible will only result in making things worse for both parties.

Then again maybe it's because I have such an ingrained sense of fair-play, chivalry and nobility (did I mention that when it comes to humility, I'm the greatest) that I don't even want to wish me being horrible on other people... not when they already have to put up with my childish annoyingness ^_^

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