March 13, 2006

Horse 510 - Time Is Running Out!!

It fills our past, present and our future; busy people complain that they have to little of it and many of our youth have far too much of it on their hands. There should be enough of it to last us forever but scientists revealed yesterday that by 2020 there could be a severe shortage.
Like oil, gas, ozone, our rainforests, our seas, and arable land, time is being wasted every single day like there's no tomorrow; yet the scary thing is that there may not be one. Unless we start saving it and quickly, we may none left for our children to use.

If you want to know what the time is, ask a policeman or so goes the saying. However, unless they happen to have a degree in cosmology or theoretical physics; maybe even a working knowledge of Leibniz and Neitsche, you're probably better off finding someone more qualified.

The very first people to record time were the Greeks. The Egyptians were the first to record time-and-a-half whilst building the pyramids.

Although a coffee table is useful for putting cups of coffee on, a timetable isn't for putting time on. It's usually a bit of paper pinned up at your local railway station upon which is printed a series of numbers which bear no resemblence to the arrival and departure of trains.

"My parents fought in WW2 so I could have the right to waste as much time as I want" - PM John Howard

Maybe the Sex Pistols were right when they sang "no future for you" in their 1977 song God Save the Queen. If we keep on wasting time like this, there will certainly be no future left for anyone.

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Jules said...

are you a bit mentally unhinged? this is all very strange even from you