March 30, 2006

Horse 519 - I Blame Both Parties

I direct you to your Sydney Morning Herald for today the 30th March 2006.

On page 6 of the newspaper, the Australian Government (ie the federal govt) has taken out a full page advert slagging off the NSW State Govt for not honouring the 1999 agreement on double taxation with respect to things like Stamp Duty.

On page 9 of the newspaper, the NSW State Government has taken out a full page advert slagging off the Australian Commonwealth Government for not dividing the GST revenue it's collected fairly bewteen the states. It accuses the Federal Govt of ripping off the people of NSW to the tune of A$3bn that never returns to NSW.

Elsewhere in the newspaper we are told the the OECD figures release mean that the people of Australia are the third most taxed nation on the planet. That is we pay more in income tax, consumption tax and other levies than everyone else in the world except Denmark and Norway.

Now I don't know about you but the fact that our Federal Highways are in disrepair, our trains, hospitals, public schools, police service (at both Federal and State) levels don't work points to gross mismanagement on the part of both the State and Federal Governments. Let me just point out here that we have a state Labor government and a federal Liberal government so basically this incompotence draws right across party lines.

Quite frankly two full page adverts taken out on the same day shows blatent disregard for the people who put the politicians there when a simple phone call should have sufficed.

Labor, Liberal, State, Federal - we're governed by excrement and at risk of pointing fingers at anyone lest I accidentally touch any of the crud, anyone who voted for any political party over the last 5 years I now hold directly responsible.

Australia - you actually VOTED for this scum - SUFFER!!

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