March 29, 2006

Horse 518 - Turnstile World

Some of my friends from back in high school are in town this week and it's amazing at the differences 8 years makes. Among which is the fact that they're married with a pair of 6 year old twin boys - what happened there?!

Anyway (and the point of this post) is that kids are amused by things that grown up wouldn't understand. People will go to a city to see the sights, and although a trip on the ferry across the harbour, going across the Harbour Bridge, seeing the Opera House, going to the zoo, are all fun things, you know what the kids were most amused by? The keycard to get into the hotel room.

Suddenly they had all this power that they've never had before. Watching the little light go from red to green meant that they had control over something. Then there was the little safe in the room that big people put their wallets and keys into when housekeeping come around. I guarantee that half the room must have ended up in that safe.

Then inside the hotel lobby there's a big revolving door. Whilst we were having coffee (that wasn't very good I must say) they were going around and around and around with the door for what must have been 20 minutes.

What about the travellators in a shopping centre? How fun are they? I must confess to just last week going down an up escalator at Martin Place Railway Station and I'm only 28 next birthday.
Maybe there should be a theme park called Turnstile World where kids can push buttons and ride escalators and go around doors all day long. Then again maybe not...

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Chantelle said...

i can still remember when you were 9 years old and every day you would go and collect the mail from the post office for that old lady who no-one liked